Grow your revenues by 30%.

We can help you identify which donors are primed to make bigger gifts and deeper commitments - and how to ask them in the perfect way.

You have an annual giving program. You have major and planned giving strategies. But are you ignoring the donors who fall in between?

We call this the hourglass effect. And that narrow part of the hourglass – those few ‘ordinary’ donors – can have an extraordinary impact on your revenues. If you pay attention to them, they can become hero donors.

Think of Finding Your Hidden Heroes as your very own crash course in hero donors. Find out who these donors are, what makes them tick, and how to help them convert – all for free.

Results from a 500-donor survey on how much they really give (HINT: it’s more than you think).


A breakdown of the 3 main reasons why hero donors give more money, to fewer charities.


10 Tips to get your mid-level donors engaged, empowered and making hero-sized gifts.


Upgrade more donors to HERO status


Get expert fundraising advice for mailboxes and inboxes on the regular.

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