The recipe for online fundraising success.

Welcome to the first-ever study of charity websites in Canada.

Made by Good Works, for fundraisers.

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Think about your website. Now ask yourself: Is it working?

Without a benchmark to compare to, it's tough to know if you’re doing the right things, and doing them well. You're plugged in, but with nothing to measure against.

That's why we created the State of the Web Nation - the very first online benchmark report for the Canadian nonprofit sector.

And now, we’re giving it to you.


A quick snapshot of what online giving in Canada looks like, and where it's going.


Ground-breaking benchmarks for non-profit websites, plus best practices to skyrocket revenues.


Want to get into the weeds? We've given you access to all our numbers so you can go exploring.


Get benchmarks made just for you!

Wondering how your website measures up? We’ve done the heavy lifting, so you can find out exactly where your charity stands online.


Get expert fundraising advice for mailboxes and inboxes on the regular.

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Simple, really. We asked.

In fact, we asked over 500 charities about everything they do online, from web strategy and revenue tracking to KPIs and digital fundraising. Then we shrunk our findings down into 8 action items that every charity should be digitally tackling.


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