Direct mail benchmarks for Canadian charities.

A snapshot of direct mail fundraising in 2018. Ready to see how you measure up?

After years of wondering how your direct mail program measures up against the sector, we finally have the answer. 

We’ve gathered data from our very own clients to bring a comprehensive report packed with the KPIs you need to know to gauge the health of your program. From average gift and gift frequency, to retention rates and donor value, to file composition -  it’s all here, and it’s all specific to the Canadian market. 

So, what are benchmarks for a direct mail program? Find out now.

See what happened year-over-year to find out whether your DM program is on trend.


Read our biggest takeaways from this year’s dataset at a 30,000 foot view.


Want to be a part of next year’s report? Stay tuned for more details!


Plus, you’ll find a handy printable one-pager inside, with all the KPIs a fundraiser needs on the daily! Print it out, hang it up, and refer to it whenever you need.


Get expert fundraising advice for mailboxes and inboxes on the regular.

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Direct mail benchmarks for Canadian charities whitepaper on a mobile phone.
A printable summary of all 2018 direct mail benchmarks.