Direct mail is alive and well.

Don’t believe the hype: direct mail is still as viable a fundraising channel as ever – and we’ve got the data to prove it.

We asked real Canadian donors about how the mail fits into their giving – and the results took us by surprise

We found out just how much direct mail has changed over the past ten years, from the number of donors giving to the number of gifts they give. We found out that direct mail accounts for 20% of all charitable giving. And, we found out the dollar value of the direct mail market in Canada – it's a cool $1.16 billion!

Want to keep your piece of the revenue pie that comes from DM? Then dive in.

The real truth about who gives through the mail, split out by generation. (Spoilers: It’s not who you think!)


Where do we go next? Is direct mail really dying? We look into our crystal ball and take a guess and what’s coming.


The connection between direct mail and legacy giving – and what DM really means to your your pipeline today.


Are you trying to make the case to your boss, your Board, or your ED that direct mail still deserves investment? This report is for you.


Get expert fundraising advice for mailboxes and inboxes on the regular.

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